Travel, after tacos of course, is something we all want more of in our lives! Thanks to modern technology and rock bottom travel deals, there's no better time to book that bucket list vacation! We've rounded up the Top 50 Travel Apps that every traveler should have on their phone in 2018.
These apps will help organize your trip itineraries, get you the lowest prices on hotels and let you navigate your way through foreign cities like a pro. You'll be hitting up  hotspots and eating like a local Anthony Bordain style, in no time. 

Top Travel Apps to Research Your Trip

Top Travel Apps to Research Your Trip

Nobody wants to show up at a luxury beachfront resort only to realize it’s a roach-motel from hell, nor does anyone want to choose the only seat on the plane that doesn’t recline. Doing ample research before any trip is a great way to ensure you spend more time relaxing and less time stressing! These Top Travel Research Apps will satisfy your inner Type-A and help you get the best bang for your buck.

Trip Advisor Aopp


The holy grail for trip research. Trip Advisor has the biggest collection of peer reviews on hotels, flights, vacation rentals, attractions and things to do. One of the best features is the ability to search by keyword within a certain property to pull up the reviews that match the info you need. For example, say you want to know if the pool at a certain hotel is freezing or not, you can search ‘cold pool’ while on it’s review page to pull up what people are saying about the swimming temperature. People can not only upload their reviews but also grade the attraction or property on different criteria, add photos, and leave a tip for future visitors.
Download: iOs / Android 


Yelp Travel App


Yelp’s app is most popular in Europe and North America and allows you to look up crowd sourced reviews for shops, stores, clinics, restaurants, cafes, local businesses and even hotels. You can even use the app to get food delivered, or get a quote on a service! 
Download: iOs / Android


Google Maps

Does this app really need any introduction? It’s Google freaking maps! You know, the company that literally took satalite pictures of the entire Earth and let driverless cars zoom around taking pictures of streets. If you need to know directions, time to your next destination, look at reviews, or do anything remotely associated with a map, this app should be your go-to. 
Download: iOs / Android 

Seat Guru Top Travel App

Seat Guru

Hello extra leg room! Those sneaky airlines don’t always tell you the full story when you are choose your seat on an upcoming flight, while SeatGuru will. Brought to you by TripAdvisor you simply put the airline and flight date into the app and it will pull up a full seat map with all the dirty secrets. It shows you less desirable seats (like the ones that don’t recline) or seats that passengers have rated as more desirable (like extra leg room or other sweet perks). This free app gives you insider info you can choose your seat with confidence.
Download: iOS / Android

Gate Guru

Does the generosity of TripAdvisor ever end? Apparently not! Since GateGuru is another app on their roster, it spills the beans about airports all over the world. You can look up terminal maps, get information on lounges, restaurants, shops and tips for surviving a long layover.
Download: iOS / Android


Elk Travel Currency Converter App

Elk Travel Currency Converter

Goodbye clunky calculator and confusing currency charts. Elk is a stunning and easy to use currency converter app that tells you how much things really cost with handy rate tables. And bonus points for working with Apple Watch for even more convenient use. It’s free to download, comes with a 14 day trial and allows you to unlock all currencies for $3.99.
Download: iOS

Top Travel Apps for Booking Hotels

Top Travel App for Booking Hotels Kashlee Kucheran

Nothing is more satisfying than scoring the perfect deal on a luxury hotel or finding a gorgeous rental well within budget. These Top Travel Apps for Booking Accomodation are the best tools for finding anomaly pricing, grabbing the perfect long term rental and taking advantage of last minute deals.

Hotels Combined App

This hotel comparison app takes it to the next level with it’s ability to let you focus in on exactly the kind of property you want. One of the best search features lets you put in your total budget and date range and it will find all hotels that will fall within your price range, in your currency, with taxes included! You can also search by type of accommodation, guest ratings, map view, and your previously bookmarked favourites.
Download: iOS / Android




If a chic downtown apartment or chill poolside villa is more your style, seems like AirBNB will have the properties you’ll love. You can search houses, apartments and even castles in 191 countries starting from $5 night all the way up to some ridiculous number that I can’t even fathom. Great for longer term stays, but still can be used for a night or two, depending on the hosts settings. It’s no wonder that AirBnB is changing the entire hospitality industry with the unique properties and experiences that will fit any budget. Claim your $35 credit towards your first stay HERE.
Download: iOS / Android

Trivago app


This app lets you compare over 1.8 million hotels against 180 other booking platforms. Thank goodness they do that work for you, because those numbers sound exhausting. You can enter filters like number of stars, user rating, distance from attractions and price, which allows you to quickly cull out all the hotels that won’t meet your expectations.
Download: iOS / Android


Last Minute Travel

At over 50,000 hotels in its search results, LMT might not have as many hotels as other comparison sites, but the properties they do have come with big discounts! Over the years we have found some incredible anomaly deals on this site that came in over 50% lower than any other booking site could offer. They also have a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points to use towards future trips and a $25 credit for both you and a friend when you refer someone to download the app and book a stay.
Download: iOS / Android


Hotel Quickly

This is a great app for scoring last minute deals on hotels because of it's search features! You can search by specific city or current location, which populates a list of hotels with unsold rooms that are typically lower than you can find elsewhere. We have found this app finds the best deals when you are 12 hours to 7 days away from your stay. They also have a rewards program that allows new users to save 5% off their first booking, while giving them another 5% to hand out to someone else. Get 5% off your first booking HERE
Download: iOS/ Android



One of the OG booking platforms. Booking is great for offering users things like extended check out, displaying walking distance from main attractions, and showing you perks like included breakfast or welcome gifts, all at first glance. They have stunning photos of properties for you to ogle over and allow you to book many hotels without paying upfront. Their loyalty program is also incredible, because it gives you a $25 credit and your friend another $25 credit each time you refer someone who makes a booking. It’s a win/win! Claim your $25 credit to use for your first trip HERE
Download: iOS / Android 

Top Travel Apps for Booking Flights

Top app for booking flights Qatar Kashlee

Getting a great deal on flights can mean the difference between taking a vacation to The Caymen Islands…or Lincoln Nebraska. 
These Top Flight Booking Apps will make sure you are getting the best price possible and open up your travel budget like you've never imagined! 

Google Flights App

Google Flights

Okay, so this is the only NON-app that I have put on this list. For some reason, Google hasn’t turned this mighty tool into an app, but that doesn’t mean they soon won’t. For now it’s a mobile friendly site, so can’t we just all pretend it’s an actual app for the time being?

Their matrix software is incredibly powerful and gives you months worth of results in seconds. All flight research should begin with Google Flights.
Check it out HERE


This free flight search app is great for comparing different dates of travel to ensure you are flying on the cheapest day. You can book right within the app, or share the results with someone else to help plan group trips. The filters are super easy to use and the app has just added destination suggestions and even hotel bookings as well.
Download: iOS / Android


Hopper Flight App


If you have ever wondered “Maybe if I wait, the flight will go down in price”, then Hopper is your kind of app! Your travel guide, the Hopper bunny, will give you his advice on whether he thinks paying $500 for a flight to Paris is a rip off, or the deal of a lifetime. It’s been said the bunny can predict future prices with 95% accuracy, so he seems to know his stuff. You can also set up price alerts to nudge you if a flight has fallen into your budget.
Download: iOS/ Android


Skyscanner Top Flight App


For the serious wanderlust, this app has an ‘EVERYWHERE’ search option which helps indecisive travellers pick a destination. You put in your departure airport, choose the ‘everywhere’ option and the world is now your oyster. The Skyscanner app is a great booking tool as well because it allows you to collect many frequent flyer miles on top of getting you the best deal possible.
Download: iOS /Android

Top Enrichment and Learning Travel Apps

Top Learning Apps -Kashlee Kucheran

There is always a ton of downtime on the road. I find it much more productive to learn a new skill or improve myself in some way instead of succumbing to boredom, shopping, or overeating! Here are a few of the Top Travel Apps that help with learning new facts, memory recall, or self improvement.


Duolingo is hands down the best way to learn a new language fo’ FREE! Unleash your inner polyglot and choose from languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Korean, Swedish and even Esperanto. The lessons are easy enough for beginners and more advanced speakers can ‘test out’ to jump to a higher level of learning. If you want an ad free experience or offline access, you can always upgrade to Duolingo Pro for $12.99 a month.
Download: iOS / Android 


Tiny Cards App

Tiny Cards

Coming at you from the makers of Duolingo, Tiny Cards are the visual little sister to language and fact learning. You can study language flash cards, world maps, flags of each country, the table of elements and most importantly, the planets of Star Wars.
Download: iOS / Android


Maps of Our world App

Maps of Our World

Have you ever asked yourself: “hmm, I wonder what the population of Belarus is?”…well wonder no more! Maps of our World lets you check out stats and even try your hand at guessing capital cities and locations of countries. I never realized just how many countries I couldn’t locate on a blank map until taking their quiz. Great game to play with someone else when waiting for a flight.
Download: iOS



Screaming baby got you trippin? Does jet lag have you up in the middle of the night? Using Calm’s free meditation and sleep improvement app is a great way to shut out the noisy world and get some relaxation. The narrated bedtime stories have me sleeping within minutes! There are many free meditations and long white noise tracks, but of course you can upgrade to unlock the entire library and masterclasses for $59.99 a year.
Download: iOS / Android


Beachbody On Demand

Let’s face it, long international flights, airport food, and hotel room service can be a total buzz kill to a healthy lifestyle. ‘BOD’ is a virtual library of workout videos you can play on demand, making it just like Netflix, but all fitness videos instead of movies. There are hundreds of different exercises ranging from 10 minutes to over 1 hour and can be streamed worldwide! Bonus points for allowing offline play of up to 7 workouts for the times you don’t have access to wifi. BOD offers a free 14 day free trial with quarterly and annual memberships starting at $39.
Download: iOS / Android 


Detour Travel App


This guided tour app will fill your ears with all the need to know information on the most iconic places in the world. Once you get to hotspots like Buckingham Palace, The Vatican, or Central Park, pop in your earphones for an in-depth (and FREE) guided walking tour from Detour. You can even sync with your friends so you are all hearing the narration at the same time. This app gets bonus points for simultaneously helping you hit your daily step goal. 
Download: iOS/ Android

Top Travel Apps for Needed Distractions

Top App for Distractions

For many people, traveling means spending afternoons in the sun, sleeping in, and relaxing poolside with a beverage in hand. These top travel apps are a great way to make the most of your lazy day sun worshiping and hammock lounging.

Words With Friends 2 App

Words with Friends 2

Stay connected back home with your worried mother by playing Words With Friends 2 together. She will appreciate the quality time and you will appreciate whopping her with a triple word score.
Download: iOS / Android


Kindle App


Vacation is the best time to catch up on some major reading, but who has all that extra room in their luggage for hardcovers? (Not this girl!) Downloading the ebook version of your must reads are a great way to save space and allow you to pack as many titles as you want. The kindle app is free and gives you access to hundreds of free titles, but you can add in your purchased titles as well.
Download: iOS / Android


Apple Podcasts App


Podcasts are the cool kid in town. No matter what your thing is, there is bound to be a podcast show to give you an entertainment fix. Educational, political, true crime, science fiction, daily news, smutty gossip, entrepreneurial hacks, inspirational stories, the list is endless! Apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher let you download your favourite shows and episodes for offline listening. Podcasts are always gloriously free.
Download: iOS / Android


netflix app


Some people preach to leave the TV at home, but nothing is as comforting as your favourite series in a strange city when you can’t sleep. The Netflix app will allow you to download tv shows and movies to your device for offline watching as well, making it a great backup if you land on a fight that doesn’t have seat-back entertainment. Netflix (if you are the one person on Earth that doesn’t have it already) is around $10 a month.
Download: iOS / Android

Top Photo Apps to Edit Travel Photos

Top App for editing photos Kashlee kucheran

One of the best parts of traveling is sharing epic photos of our adventures on the ‘gram. These Top Photo and Video Editing Apps will let you enhance, trim, brighten, crop and share your best travel shots across social media.

Snapseed App


This free photo editing app from Google is great for fine tuning your image to bring out the best colors and make it Instagram worthy. A unique feature this app has over others is the ability to pic a particular part or color of the photo to edit, while leaving the rest alone, which is great for making the ocean more blue without turning people in the shot into oompa loompas.
Download: iOS / Android

Facetune 2 App

Facetune 2

This app got some slack for morphing faces and bodies into irrecognizable Hollywood versions of themselves, but don’t think that is the only trick up it’s sleeve. Facetune 2 has some of the best filter packages out there and the unique ability to change lighting direction and eye glare. Many editing tools are free, but if you need full access the upgrade is only $1.99 a month or $9.99 a year.
Download: iOS /Android


UNUM app


This app is a free Instagram layout planner, which is a great rabbit hole to get lost down when experiencing downtime during travel. You can drag and drop up to 18 of your photos into the app at once to play with the layout and order to determine if those shots are right for your social layout before actually posting them. It’s a great app for people who like to plan the visual layout of their grid without having to commit to making the photo public.  They offer an exclusive upgraded plan for $6.95 for those who need extra grid planning space.
Download: iOS /Android 

Top Travel Apps for Getting Around

Top Travel App for Getting Around London with Kashlee Kucheran

No matter if you are exploring a new city by car, foot, train or bus, you'll want to look like a savvy pro while you do it. These Top Travel Apps for Getting Around will help you not get lost and traverse the streets like a local. 

Uber App


Don’t have local currency on hand to jump in a taxi? No problemo. Uber doesn’t need you carry around archaic fiat currency in order for you to get a ride. The app secures your prefered payment method making it easy for you to seamlessly order, pay and even tip for your transportation. You can get ride estimates in the app, as well as choose from different levels of service, like ‘Uber Black’ which sends a luxury car to pick you up. Claim your first ride for FREE (up to $10)
Download: iOS / Android 


Ground Link app


Leave the airport in style. The Groundlink app will let you pre-book a black car to meet you after your flight, but will also let forgetful travellers book one right from the luggage carousel. It works in 440 cities in 100 countries, lets you track your ride in real time and has different levels of service to match your needs. 
Download: iOS / Android 


Ulmon App


City guides and directions that can be accessed offline for the times when wifi isn’t an option. You can even learn about attractions, save them to a list and share that list with a travel buddy.
Download: iOS / Android


City Mapper

The ultimate pubic transport hack. Subway systems and bus routes are confusing to someone who has lived in the city their whole life, let alone a tourist! This app will help you plan your routes, give you different options based on time, distance and budget, and even make suggestions of the best ways to take. If there is a service change or interruption, the app will also notify you of the hiccup and give you suggested detours to take. You will look like a public transport pro.
Download: iOS / Android

Top Travel Apps for Staying Safe Abroad

Safety is #1 when it comes to exploring a new country. Thanks to technology, there are apps that can help keep you out of sticky situations and dangerous areas.

Smart Traveler App

Smart Traveler

Made by the US department of state, this safety travel app is a great reference tool for determining the security of international countries. It has travel advisories, travel warning, health issues, US embassy locations and other important info.
Download: iOS / Android



This is a not so stuffy version of the government safety apps that gives a ton of good to know info, like known tourist traps and sketchy areas. You can find emergency numbers, locate hospitals, learn about violent protests or outbreaks and even leave your own reports.
Download: iOS / Android

Top Travel Apps for Staying Connected

Top Travel apps for staying connected Tep Wireless

Let’s face it, we are all totally addicted to staying in touch with each other and our social media feeds. These Top Travel Apps for Staying Connected will help keep your roaming bills down, but your social clout way up!


While this app might look a little sketchy at first glance, it’s not just for people who want to have a secret line for clandestine texting. Hushed has a super efficient application for travellers, giving them a phone number they can make and receive calls, text messages, even voicemail on, all through using wifi. Let’s say you travel to Europe for 1 month and you put your cell back home on vacation disconnect, but you still want a phone number for people to call you on. Hushed lets you choose a number that you can use for calling, texting, voicemail, etc for as long as you need it. Hushed to Hushed calls are free and other phone plans start at only $1.99. We use this while abroad all the time instead of trying to use roaming on our current numbers.
Download: iOS / Android


Tep Wireless

International roaming is still not in the realm of affordability for many, especially if you use a lot of data on the go. The TEP Wireless app connects you to a separate portable hotspot (that can be rented or purchased) and gives you unlimited 4G data in over 100 countries! I have used TEP everywhere from the USA, Canada, UK, Qatar, even Indonesia, some days packing up to 1GB of data with no worries. The cost starts at about $9 a day for unlimited data. The TEP app also has perks like local concierge to give you trip advice, Kitestring to enhance safety for solo travellers and in-flight wifi that is coming soon!  Get 10% off your rental/purchase of TEP by using code ‘THMM' HERE
Download: iOS / Android

Google Translate App

Google translate

Part of staying connected is knowing what the heck the other person is trying to say to you. The Google Translate app lets you translate 103 languages over wifi and 59 languages when you have no connection. And get this, you can even take pictures of signs or speak directly into the app to do your translations instead of fumbling with a keyboard.
Download: iOS / Android


Wifi Finder App


Even you if have a local SIM card, a hotspot, or a killer roaming package, FREE WiFi is never something to be ignored. The WiFi finder app will search down wifi connections around you at any given time that you can connect to for free. They have catalogued hotspots in over 50,000 cities, passwords and all! You can even save places for later offline use, because let’s face it, if you are searching for wifi in the first place it likely means you don’t have a connection to begin with!
Download: iOS / Android

Best Travel Apps for Staying Organized

Top Travel Apps for staying organized

Paper and pen is so last century. Plus anything that can make my purse lighter is a life saver in my books. Keep all your travel plans organized and easy to access with these Top Travel Planning Apps. 

Amazon Prime Photos App

Amazon Prime Photos

If you have ever lost a phone while travelling, you remember that losing your photos was one of the most devastating parts of the whole ordeal! Most people have a subscription to Amazon Prime anyway, but what they don’t realize is that it comes with free unlimited photo storage! I already have over 10,000 photos sitting in their cloud right now and I’m not stopping anytime soon. It’s easy to upload you pics and the app will sort them based on date or you can make your own albums as well. It also has it’s own ‘on this day’ memory feature which is fun to reminisce with. The Prime Photos app is free with your Prime account.
Download: iOS / Android

Stocard App


Organization for all the point collecting maniacs out there. Who wants to carry around every point card they own? Nobody. The free Stocard app will allow you to take photos of all your loyalty and points cards and it will store them all for you, so you can empty out your overcrowded wallet. The app will generate a bar code for you when a shop would normally scan the plastic card and gives you a ‘note’ section so you can record passwords and other info you might always be forgetting.
Download: iOS / Android


Google Trips

Google steps up it’s wizardry game with this auto-syncing, mind-reading travel organizing app. It somehow grabs all your flight confirmation, reservation emails and booking itineraries and compiles them into a one-stop access point, so you’re not constantly searching through emails and notes. It also gives you suggestions for things to do based on your interests and travel patterns. Witchcraft!
Download: iOS / Android


Circa World Time App

Circa World Time

Business travellers unite, there is now an app for that! Circa will keep track of all the different time zones you are travelling between, adjust your meetings, let you keep track of clients time zones, and let’s you make sense of literal time travel.
Download: iOS / Android


Pack Point App

Pack Point

Overpack much? Instead of throwing things mindlessly into the depths of your luggage, try using PackPoint. It’s a free travel app that will suggest items for you to pack based on length of trip, weather, and what activities you have planned! You can share your perfect pack lists with friends so you can all marvel at what responsible packers you’ve all become.
Download: iOS / Android

Top Luxury Travel Apps for Rollin like a VIP

Top Luxury Travel Apps Kashlee Kucheran in Hotel

The best of the best for high end travel and experiences. These Top Luxury Travel Apps will have you feeling like Royalty no matter where your travels bring you. The most elite experiences and services are much more attainable then you might think.


If you hate packing, hate checking bags, and love the idea having a personal valet for less, then DUFL is for you. You will send them clothes you like to wear on the road or when you travel, they photograph them and put them in your app, giving you a ‘virtual closet’. You simply tap on the items you want for your next trip, enter the hotel, and voila… your DUFL suitcase packed with all your favourite items is waiting for you. No need to pack, do laundry, or even check a bag at the airport. Get 50% off your first trip with HERE with code “KASHLEE50’.
Download: iOS / Android


Priority Pass

Airport lounge exclusivity. This app will give you access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide, with many of them offering perks like hot food, booze, showers and even nap beds! Having an annual lounge pass saves you money on wifi, food, pre-flight beverages, and hours of your time back in a quiet environment. New pass holders get 10% off HERE of annual plans starting at $99.
Download: iOS / Android


Journy Travel App


This app gives you a custom, pay per trip access to a personal concierge and trip planner. Starting at $25 per trip you will get customized itineraries, hotel options, unlimited chat access to your planner and other features to help you plan the most epic of trips. You can even add extra users to the account so everyone in the fam can have a say.
Download: iOS 

Get My Boat App

Get My Boat

Why buy your own yacht when you can just use someone else? It started out as a way to rent boats but has now expanded into all sorts of water experiences including fishing charters, paddle board rentals, surfing lessons, rafting trips, kayak rentals, etc. They have boats for rent and experiences to book in 184 countries with prices that will jive with any budget, luxe or not.
Download: iOS / Android


Basically Uber of the sky for the 1%. This app will allow you to search for different levels of private jets worldwide, but has another feature that might make private airline travel possible for the rest of us. PrivateFly lets you take advantage of ‘empty leg’ trips, when a jet might be headed to pick up a VIP but is empty for the trip there, which can get you huge discounts on your own private plane.
Download: iOS / Android

Hopefully this list has given you some great new tips for your next trip!

Any I missed?? Let me know in the comments what your favorite travel apps are!

Best Travel Apps in 2018

The Top 50 Travel Apps for 2018

1. TripAdvisor

2. Yelp

3. Google Maps

4. SeatGuru

5. GateGuru

6. Elk Currency Converter

7. Hotels Combined

8. AirBnB

9. Trivago

10. Last Minute Travel

11. Hotel Quickly

12. Booking

13. Google Flights

14. Momondo

15. Hopper

16. SkyScanner

17. Duolingo

18. Tiny Cards

19. World Maps

20. Calm

21. Beachbody On Demand

22. Detour

23. Words With Friends 2

24. Kindle

25. Podcasts

26. Netflix

27. Snapseed

28. Facetune 2

29. Splice

30. UNUM

31. Uber

32. Groundlink

33. Ulmon

34. CityMapper

35. Smart Traveler

36. Sitata

37. Hushed

38. TEP

39. Google Translate

40. WiFi Finder

41. Amazon Prime Photos

42. Stocard

43. Google Trips

44. Circa World Time

45. PackPoint

46. DUFL

47. Priority Pass

48. Journy

49. Get My Boat

50. PrivateFly

If you liked the Top 50 Travel Apps in 2018 list, you can also check out our Hotel Booking Hacks list, Tips For Your Next Trip guide and Travel Make-up Must Haves roundup.

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